Wednesday, 17 October 2012

#thursdaysat2...introducing our first webinar speaker

At IHRSA this year the keynote speaker, Simon Sinek, inspired us with a very simply premise: business should 'start with why.'  In other words, the most successful businesses - with Apple front and centre of course - grow from a core of passion, purpose and set of beliefs.  And from this core, everything they do can be traced back to this set of values and beliefs, instilling an integrity and rigour in what they make and how they sell and support it.  Apple is all about powerful technology that's easy to use and beautiful look at. 

 Later the same day, I met two of the founders of RunningUnlimited.  A couple of guys who'd flown to LA to better understand the fitness sector - a whole new world for them.  They'd started long-distance running a few years prior and with rather symbiotic backgrounds - one is a film-maker and media lawyer, and the other, a marketing strategist from the technology sector.  And yet here they were.  What immediately struck me was here was an example of 'starting with why'. 

Their why related to transforming indoor running.  As Kevin Hewitt, our inaugural presenter of tomorrow's webinar, explained it: "I was aware of all these incredible technologies that were out there that could make indoor exercise so amazing and enjoyable.  And the more we looked into what was going on in the sector, the more we realised we could really make a difference."  As long distance, outdoor runners, their quest was to bring the outdoors in, to make indoor running enjoyable and inspiring.
Register here for free to join tomorrow's webinar: Applying technology to fitness to drive footfall, with Kevin Hewitt from Running Unlimited. #thursdaysat2

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  1. Dave

    Their business sounds very purposeful. Hope the first webinar goes well.